​​The 5 Best Roofing Nailers For The Job

roofing nailer

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional tradesman, using the right roofing nailer can make a world of difference when it comes to getting the job done quickly and with very little effort.

When it comes to your roof, there’s only one tool that’s essential: the roofing nailer. As the name implies, this tool is used to drive roofing nails into wood, metal, and other roofing materials. With this tool, you can create a secure and durable roof without any damage to the surrounding shingles or other parts of your home. A roofing nailer will give you much better results and a safer, more efficient job than you can do on your own. 

If you’ve ever tried to drive a nail into a roof, you know that using the proper tools will save time, money and frustration. That’s why I’m always looking for the best way to do any kind of work. I don’t want to waste my time or money, so I’m always looking for ways to make it easier and faster. Here are the top 5 best nailers for the job:

#1 Dewalt roofing nailer

Dewalt DWFP12231 Pneumatic Roofing Nailer

The first on my list is the Dewalt DWFP12231 straight magazine roofing nailer. This model offers a number of features that make it stand out from other similar tools, including an adjustable depth guide to avoid potential damage to shingles and nails, a rubber grip to make it easier and more comfortable to use, and the ability to drive nails from 1-1/4″ up to 2-1/2″ in length. This is an air-powered tool that uses a coil magazine holding up to 120 nails at a time. The user can pull out one nail at a time as needed without having to empty the magazine. This tool is also lightweight at just over seven pounds, so it can be handled easily and used for extended periods without causing hand or arm fatigue.

The best thing about this model is that it’s affordable enough that both do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike are able to invest in one. The price ranges depending on where you find it, but you should get a good idea of what’s available if you go to Amazon.com.

#2 Milwaukee roofing nailer

Milwaukee 2740-20 Fuel 18 Gauge Roofing Nailer

The second model on my list is the Milwaukee 2740-20 roofing nailer. This is a cordless tool, so it uses a rechargeable battery, making it especially useful if you don’t have a power outlet nearby. It has a very lightweight design, weighing less than three pounds with the battery. It has a capacity of 44 nails at once, so you won’t have to worry about reloading it during your workday.

You also get some other nice extra features with this model. A rubber grip makes clean-up easier and more comfortable, while its slim nose fits easily in most tight spaces. This is another tool that’s great for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, given the price range available online. If you’re interested in checking out some of these features for yourself, then feel free to check out Amazon.

#3 Bostitch roofing nail gun 

Bostitch Roofing Nailer Coil 15-Degree BRN175A

The next model I’d like to mention is the Bostitch Roofing Nailer Coil 15-Degree BRN175A. This tool uses a coil magazine of up to 50 nails at once, making it one of the most efficient roofing nailers on the market. It’s also very easy to use, even without any prior experience using this type of tool. You get the choice of three different depth settings for driving nails into various types of surfaces, which can help you avoid damaging shingles or other protective layers during installation. The rear exhaust helps keep the area dry while you work, making it easier to stay safe.

Another great thing about the BT50R model is that you can switch between a coil magazine and an attachable strip magazine, giving you different options to fit your needs. This lets you avoid buying two separate tools for different types of jobs that require different storage methods or quantities of nails. You should be able to find this tool for sale online, and it costs approximately $180 depending on where you find it. Check Amazon for the best price.

#4 Metabo roofing nailer

Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer, Pneumatic, Coil Roofing Nails from 7/8-Inch up to 1-3/4-Inch, 16 Degree Magazine (NV45AB2)

The next model I’d like to mention is the Metabo HPT roofing nailer. This tool uses a coil magazine that will hold up to 120 nails at once, as well as an adjustable depth guide designed for different thicknesses of shingles and other surfaces, along with three different settings for driving nails into brick, tile, and other types of material. It’s also designed to be more durable by using a metal roofing contact that is less likely to break during use.

There are a few different extra features that make this model stand out from the others, as well. The rubberized grip helps keep your hands dry while you work, the cheek plate is designed to reduce fatigue, and the dust cover helps keep debris out of the tool’s interior components. You can find this model on Amazon and is actually one of their top sellers.

#5 Makita roofing nailer

Makita AN454 Coil Roofing Nailer

The last model I’d like to mention is the Makita AN454 roofing nailer. This tool has a lightweight design, so it’s easy for you to use it even on long project days. It uses a coil magazine with up to 44 nails at once, so you won’t have to stop and reload as often. It’s also pneumatic, so you’ll need an air compressor to run it.

This model is designed for long-term use and is built ruggedly with a magnesium housing that won’t rust or corrode after exposure to the elements. This tool has a rear exhaust like the others, along with a tip guard over the nose area. As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to roofing nailers. If you’d like to learn more about these tools or read what others have said about them, then feel free to take a look at Amazon.

Roofing Nailer FAQ

What kind of nail gun do roofers use?

Roofing nail guns are pneumatically driven allowing the use of air compressor power to drive nails into roofing materials, typically three-inch roofing nails.

Is a roofing nailer worth it?

There are certainly pros and cons to using a roofing nail gun, however the benefits of buying one will usually warrant the cost over renting or borrowing.

How do you use a roofing nailer?

Roofing nailers are essentially high-powered staplers that can be easily operated by pressing the head against the surface, pulling back on a slide and then pressing the trigger to fire the nail.

Can you use a regular nail gun for roofing?

Regular nail guns are not made to drive nails into harder surfaces so using it for roofing could damage the gun or potentially cause injury if the nail doesn’t properly shoot.

What type of safety equipment should you have when using a roofing nailer?

When working on any project that involves running high-powered equipment, eye protection is mandatory. The nails are typically three-inch roofing nails, so pneumatic safety equipment is advised.

What are the benefits of using a roofing nailer?

The speed that can be achieved by using a roofing nailer makes it an attractive option for professional tradesman because it cuts down on labor time significantly. Using one also means fewer trips up and down the ladder to refill buckets.

How many nails does a roofing nailer hold?

Roofing nailers typically carry between 100-200 nails, however if the gun is manually loaded with one hand it can hold as much as seven hundred.

Is there a cordless roofing nailer?

There are several cordless roofing nailers that have recently been released to the market, however they tend to be more expensive and have a much shorter battery life.

How much does a roofing nailer cost?

The price of a roofing nailer varies depending on the brand and features, but generally speaking a high-quality roofing nailer will run approximately $300.

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