Roofing Hammer With Magnet

Construction jobs involving roofing aren’t for the faint-hearted. Having the correct tools is essential for completing work in a timely and safe manner.

A good roofing hammer, in addition to shingles and other supplies, is one of the most crucial instruments that every roofing contractor will need.

We’ll go over everything like what a magnetized roofing hammer is and we’ll also give you our selections for the best roofing hammers on the market right now.

Magnetic Roofing Hammer

But what is a magnetic roofing hammer? It’s a specialist instrument for cutting roofing and nailing them in place. Roof hatchets are another name for them. They have a distinct character that makes them important. They’re also more versatile than hammers that aren’t.

The face of roofing hammers is magnetized, which makes it easier to pick up wayward nails. They even feature gauges that can assist you in ensuring that your shingles are exposed properly.

If you’re going to be working on a roofing project, it’s critical that you have the greatest roofing hammer you can for precision and speed. We propose utilizing these four roofing hammers because they are the best.

Recommended Roofing Hammers

AJC Magnet Roofing Hammer

The felt caps and roofing nails may be applied quickly and easily with this magnetic roofing hammer.  It is a roofing hatchet made of both wood and steel. It’s 13.5 inches long, with a grip of 12.5 inches and a head of 6.5 inches. It has a weight of 1.64 pounds as well.

Unlike other shingle hatchets, it’s is among the most dependable for multiplex or complex shingle repairs. A utility knife, a sliding gauge, and a nail claw are all included in the hammer. You have the option of changing, replacing, or altering the gauge at any time.

You’ll notice a really comfortable grip whenever it comes to the point of utilizing this hammer. Because of its wooden basis, it absorbs shock nicely. You can strike a nail with exceptional precision thanks to its neodymium magnetic surface.

If you’re looking for a roofing hammer with such a large variety of functions, this is the finest option.


  • For speedier nailing, the head is magnetic (less risk of smashing thumb)
  • For greater nail hold, serrated face
  • Blade and shingle gauge that can be replaced
  • shingle gauge that is adjustable


  • It’s not a complete replacement for a hammer.
  • It’s difficult to find replacement blades.

 Lathe Aze Fiberglass Hammer

The Stiletto Tool Company’s roofing hammer is constructed of fiberglass. They’re well-known for making high-quality hand tools. Because of its hybrid curved and straight shape, this hammer is particularly easy to hold. Between the head and the handle of this hatchet, it is twice as strong.

It only weighs 1.3 lbs since it is composed of fiberglass (extremely lightweight). This permits workers to operate without becoming exhausted for extended periods of time. It also aids in the speedy completion of roofing jobs.

The hammer’s head includes a rough face to help you get a firmer grip on the nails. It also includes a nail claw, which makes framing and remodeling a home a lot easier.


  • A great deal
  • Grip made of rubber
  • Face with a slit
  • A nail puller
  • It’s lightweight.


  • In comparison to steel items, it is less durable.

Picard Hammer

The Picard 007910 Hammer is intended to last and is suitable for all types of slate roof repairs. It’s an excellent hammer for both woodworking and building operations.

The strong steel shank is one of our favorite features of this hammer. With a crosshatched face, it’s ideal for retaining iron nails. This hammer is 2.05 pounds in weight. Altogether, 929.86 grams or 32.8 oz.  The head is 7 inches wide and 12.375 inches in length.

Because it can withstand a pounding, this hammer is great for slate roof reconstruction. The pointy claw end also makes it simple to punch holes in the roof slate. The crosshatch face and magnet nail holder make it easy to drive in nails as well. It can also be used to precisely punch holes through slate roofing with its sharp tip.


  • Rust and corrosion resistance is increased.
  • Nail grip is improved with a crosshatch face
  • GS-tested, extra-secure
  • Punches holes in slate tiles with ease
  • Handle made with leather


  • The entire head isn’t magnetic.

AJC Adjustable Hammer

For stress absorbance, it is made of drop-forged carbon steel, heat-treated, the finest carbon steel blade, and the highest grade hickory grip.

This roof hammer also includes a movable gauge that may be replaced as needed. Both sections of the gauge can be adjusted (from under 4 inches to over 5-5/8 inches). The surface of the head is serrated. This is a great roof hammer in general. We highly suggest this tool if you’re seeking a high-quality hatchet with good shock absorption.


  • The wood handle provides excellent shock absorption.
  • Both sides can be adjusted
  • Metric measurements
  • The head weighs 19 oz.


  • Gauges must be replaced.
  • Not as long-lasting as other roofing hammers.


Selecting the perfect roof hammer can be difficult. There are numerous excellent products on the market.

Understanding the various advantages and disadvantages of every hammer can make the procurement process a little easier. Use the above guidelines to simplify your search and make a sensible decision.

Generally speaking, the AJC Magnet Roofing is our preferred roof hammer. It is reasonably priced and has a plethora of features to make roofing jobs a little less difficult.

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